Embrace the Future


Complexity has grown in each and every aspect of life.

On the individual level, we are faced with an increasing number of options how to shape our life. As a society, we encounter a multipolar, globalized world where interests and privileges need to be shared better. Technological progress seems to be a promise and a threat at the same time. Climate change and scarcity of resources make it clear that we cannot just continue as before.

We at TEDxDresden believe that it requires a close dialogue, critical thinking, modesty and optimism to handle the growing challenges of today.

We want to inspire you how new technologies, increasing knowledge and mistakes from the past can be used to achieve real progress for each of us individually and for our society as a whole.

Our speakers will share with you how they Embrace the Future with their innovative ideas from science, society and arts.

We invite you to discuss, share and apply these ideas in your everyday life.

Come and listen to Ideas worth spreading!

Main questions

Can we handle our future?

Do we surrender to simple answers?

How can we make tomorrow a better day?

The floating Trabbi

A floating car symbolising our motto "Embrace the Future"?

Whereas you rarely spot a "Trabbi" (full name "Trabant") on the street today, it was by far the most frequent car back in the GDR (DDR). Its cute appearance and robustness have made it an object of cult and nostalgia. However, the Trabbi is also a symbol for economic hardship – one reason why the model has not undergone significant enhancements since its introduction in 1957.

In 2017, TEDxDresden turns the tables and lets the Trabbi fly as a symbol of innovation and progress.
Learning from the past, we start into an optimistic future together!