TEDxDresden 2016

The Social Turn

On September 11, 2016 in the Societaetstheater Dresden

The Social Turn

How do we live our lives socially minded?

How do we care about others in our daily routines?

How do we cross borders and grow together as a society?

At TEDxDresden 2016 we want to focus on ideas that seek answers to these questions. Ideas that are worth spreading. Ideas that inspire us to build bridges, to communicate better and to share what we have – so that everybody gains.

We owe the name “The Social Turn” to a movement in arts, where artists want to turn their heads, minds and their hands towards social topics, instead of making art as an end in itself. We believe that the concept should be applied to our everyday lives.

Did you know?: You can download our two poster designs from 2016 here: Version "Lightbulbs" and "Canaletto-view"

Our talks on video

All of our talks are uploaded on the TEDx YouTube Channel and collected in Playlist. Among them are e.g. Cathrine Gyldensted, Danish Journalist and inititiator of Constructive Journalisms, as well as Professor for Data Security and Data Protection Thorsten Strufe.

Follow our TEDxDresden YouTube Channel, to always get the talks and performances of our conference.


Conference photos

Find here all the photos from our conference

Our photographers Amac Garbe and Jan Stöcker did a great job taking pictures from our participants, speakers and the venue. We continously upload our images on flickr. Enjoy exploring them!

Conference booklet

Speaker, projects and the team, summarized in one booklet

Which speakers participated in the conference? Which projects were part of the poster session? Have a look at our carefully designed conference booklet to inform yourself about the schedule and the background of the conference.

Download the booklet as PDF or browse in our e-Reader!


Our exhibitors – 2016

How do we live our lives socially minded?

In 2016, our talks focused on ideas that inspire us to reflect on our daily routines and improve social cohesion. There are many brilliant ideas in and around Dresden that have a positive and constructive impact on society.

We handpicked AIAS Dresden and ichhelfe.jetzt as successful examples of how social and health-related „social turns“ may look like.