We will show the highlights of the official TED2019 conference in Vancouver!



We present our first TEDxDresdenLive event! You are invited to join us on April 26th to watch the livestream of the official TED2019 conference in Vancouver. Attending this event is free of charge.


TED2019: Bigger Than Us

Over five days, more than 60 speakers will share their ideas to this year's TED conference motto "Bigger Than Us" with thousands of participants. We will show the hightlights of the program.


Which TED talks will be shown?

TED2019 presents a total of eleven different sessions. At TEDxDresdenLive, we are going to show two of those as a livestream: the first one, is the TEDxDresden team's favorite; the second one is to be decided by you in a live voting!



Friday, 26. April 2018 at 7 pm


To be defined


of TED2019 conference


Attending this event is free!