Confirmed speakers for 2018

These are the speakers that will share their innovative ideas with you in a TED talk (6-18 minutes) on August 26. Roughly half of the talks will be given in English, the other half in German.

Visionary thinking

Our speakers inspire the audience to perceive the future as something individual yet shared, something challenging yet definitely worth trying. Each will introduce a personal aspect on how to take the opportunity.

Skilled speakers

Why are TED talks so popular?
It's an open secret: Talks take usually 6 to 18 minutes and bring an idea captivatingly to the point. TEDxDresden assists their speakers by rhetoric training and repeated rehearsing to work out the essence of their vision.

Local community

One aim is to promote speakers from Dresden and Saxony as well. Thereby we increase awareness for local ideas and offer a platform for the development of our city.

Language of talks

Depending on the preferences of the speakers talks will be either in German or English. Our aim is to provide a balanced selection that acknowledges the language skills of our audience.
Thank you for your interest in TEDxDresden 2018

The speaker application period has ended.

Our speakers – 2017

All of our 2017 talks have been uploaded on the TEDx YouTube Channel and collected in a playlist. Among them are e.g. Scott Aaronson, an American scientist in the field of quantum computation, as well as the director and audiovisual artist Sebastian Linda from Dresden.

Follow our TEDxDresden YouTube Channel to always get the talks and performances of our conference.


Our speakers – 2016

2016, we asked ourselves: How can we develop more awareness for social issues and grow together as a society?

Twelve professors, social workers and thinkers from Dresden and the Netherlands presented their ideas to about 100 participants. Among the speakers were, e.g. Catherine Gyldensted (NL) who promoted the idea of Constructive Journalism, as well as, Jan Dirk Capelle (DE) who explained the concept of Effective Altruism.