Maps of the foyer

First Floor

Ground Floor

Second Floor

Half Storey

What are you looking for?

You can find toilets in each floor. Usually, female toilets are on the right and male toilets on the left.

Food and drinks will be served during the coffee break between 16:45 and17:45. We have spread the catering over the upper floors. If you want to have additional and special drinks, you can buy them at the Palastecke (see map).

The cloak room is in the ground floor.

The TEDxDresden 2019 Poster Session presents 12 local projets. The Poster Session is located in the first floor in the center of the foyer (see map). The Poster Session takes place before the conferenc (14:00-15:00, as well as in the coffee break (16:45-17:45).

Learn more about the 12 projects:

You want to listen the TED talks? Of course, this is why you are here! The talk will be presented on the main stage in the auditorium (see map).

You want to take a picture and take home a nice memory of the event? In the photo corner you can take pictures with different backgrounds of Dresden!

Your are looking for a place to chill, char or get even more inspired? We have a range of activities in the foyer for you! Look at the map.!

Do you still have a question, doubt, or anything else on your mind?

Don't panic! Come visit us at our Helpdesk in the basement and we will do our best to help with anything we can! You can also try dropping us a line at