Starting from 1 - 3 PM as well as during the coffee break (4:30-5:30 PM). However, you will find the posters hanging also during dinner.


On the first floor ("Kranebene") in the middle of the foyer and right side seen from the entrance. See map below.


A TEDx event should primarily serve and connect the local community.

Share your cause and meet new people!

On the First Floor (+ 1):

  • Poster area - with Hoverboard demo
  • TED / TEDx Museum
  • Food counter - in case of bad weather
  • Entrances to the auditorium - Row 9-16

To see the whole map of our conference venue, see our page On the conference day (coming soon).

Our initiatives in 2016

How do we live our lives socially minded?

In 2016, our talks focused on ideas that inspire us to reflect our daily routines and improve social cohesion. There are many brilliant ideas in and around Dresden that have a positive and constructive impact society.

We handpicked AIAS Dresden and ichhelfe.jetzt as successful examples how social and health-related „social turns“ may look like.