Eric Hattke is the chairman of the nonprofit association Atticus e.V., host and student of philosophy and history.

In 2014, Eric Hattke became speaker of „Dresden für Alle“ and since then has built a strong reputation in Dresden and Saxony. Aside from his commitment to organizing projects on cosmopolitanism, mutual respect and integration, he was also engaged in a variety of committees of the TU Dresden, such as the student union and the Senate. In May 2016, and with the help of a few like-minded people, Eric founded and became chairman of Atticus e.V. The goal of Atticus is to support societal cohesion. In addition, Atticus organizes numerous projects, such as the debating format „TACHELES“ and the literary evenings „Lesen verbindet – Menschen und ihre Bücher“.


My motivation to support TEDxDresden:

It is important to me that there are events, such as TEDxDresden, in which one can find thought-provoking impulses, new ideas and people. This does not only broaden your own horizon but also furthers the exchange in our society.

  • My role at TEDxDresden: Public relations
  • What Dresden needs: Empathy for each other so that you see and feel more than just yourself. Creativity for new ideas and the courage to try said ideas. Acceptance for each other in which “different” does not mean “worse”.
  • My contact:
  • My favourite TED talk: Angela Lee Duckworth | The power of passion and perseverance