Robby Clemens is extreme runner, motivational coach and book author.

Robbys incredible story as a runner started in the 90s. Born and raised in the DDR (GDR), he went bankrupt with his craft business in 1995, such that he and his family lost all of their savings. Consequently, Robby fell into a deep dark hole and became addicted to alcohol and cigarettes. Only the drastic words of his doctor could reach him and motivated him to start running in 1998. This activity gave him back strength and confidence.

Just two years later he ran his first marathon. Several charity runs followed, like 2003 the Extreme Street Run from Basra to Bagdad for children injured in war (500km) and 2004 the Extreme Street Run from Athens to St. Michael (Austria) for the Salzburg Cancer Society for Children (1800km). In 2007, Robby completed the WORLDRUN in 311 days over 13,262 km accross 27 countries and 4 continents. During this time, he blogged about the cultures and the people he met, reported of their pleasures and their sufferings.

His longest tour has just ended: From 2017 to 2018 Robby ran from the North Pole to the southest point in South America. During his 23,000 km long journes, he once more met a variety of cultures. Furthermore he encountered the dramatic consequences of climate change, especially in the Arctic and in Greenland.

Robby published his experiences in several books. As a motivational coach, he speaks about his transformation but also about the topics that affect him since his journeys.