Michael Schindhelm is an author, cultural consultant, theatre director, filmmaker and the curator for Dresden's application for the European Capital of Culture 2025.

About the application, Michael says: "My aim in this application is to define Dresden as a laboratory for a new concept of culture, a concept to put culture back at the center of society and social discourses. First and foremost, I want to listen to the people in Dresden, want to find out what moves them, in order to develop the application ideas together with many others and thus creating a concept with significance for Germany and the whole of Europe", says Schindhelm.

Michael has extensive experience in the field of culture. In the nineties he was theatre director at the stages of the city of Gera, at the Altenburg‐Gera Theatre and at the Basel Theatre. At the same time, he was Co‐President of the Basel Symphony Orchestra and, from 2005, General Director of the Berlin Opera Foundation. As a cultural manager and consultant, he has worked in Dubai, China, Moscow and Zurich and was involved in the planning of innovative cultural spaces such as the West Kowloon Cultural District in Hong Kong.

Since 1990, Schindhelm has also worked as a writer, librettist and translator (from Russian). He has published nine novels and non‐fiction books since 2000. Together with Jörg Jeshel the filmmaker Schindhelm shot, for example, the documentary Lied der Steppe in the Gobi Desert and from 2004 to 2006 he led the TV talk of the Salon on Swiss television.

Originally, however, Michael studied quantum chemistry and graduated from the Voronezh State University (Russia). From 1984 to 1986 he was a research associate at the Central Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences in East Berlin. There he worked in the Department of Theoretical Chemistry where he shared an office with Angela Merkel.