Klaus Brinkbäumer is a journalist and author for the weekly German newspaper Die Zeit.

Klaus studied Psychology and Political Sciences in Munich and Santa Barbara (California) and worked in the beginning as a sportswriter for different newspapers. From 1993 on he worked for the German magazine "Der Spiegel" and became well-known for his investigative journalism and his foreign reports - for example about the migration from Africa, about the economic crisis in the United States in 2008 and about individuals like Apple founder Steve Jobs and actor George Clooney. Klaus is the author of many Spiegel cover stories and reported about several presidential elections in the United States. Together with Sonia Mikich he interviewed US president Barack Obama in 2016 and the French president Emmanuel Macron in 2017.

From 2015 to 2018, Klaus was chief editor of Spiegel and editor of Spiegel Online. During this time, famous cover pictures were published as well as award-winning stories like Markus Feldenkirchens "Schulz-Story" about the election campaign of Martin Schulz or "Das Kartell" about the secret deals between German car manufacturers. In 2016, Klaus founded the investigative network "European Investigative Collaboration" (EIC), which cooperated for example with the whistle-blowing platform "Football Leaks" and discovered tax evasion and black accounts within international Football. Since 2019, he works as author for Die Zeit, especially for the categories Politics, Feuilleton, Dossier and for the Zeit Magazin.

For his journalistic engagement, Klaus received several awards, for example Chief Editor of the Year (2016, Medium-Magazin) and Reporter of the World for investigative journalism (2017, El Mundo).

In his spare time Klaus is a passionate sportsman. He was multiple German youth champion in Volleyball and played with 1860 München in the Bundesliga. As a sailor, he became second with his crew in class J/70 in the German championship in 2018. Klaus is member of the German football club St. Pauli and predominantly lives in Hamburg.