Kirstine Fratz is a cultural scientist and Zeitgeist expert.

Kirstine was interested early on in the abundance of cultures in our world. The half-Danish lady spent her childhood in New York and decided to study cultural studies, fascinated by the constant social changes which surround us. She has worked in London, Paris and Marrakech and so found her passion as a Zeitgeist researcher, which she has been practising independently since 2008. Zeitgeist is a 'temporary promise for a successful life'. But what power does this promise have? Why do we follow it and how can we learn to use it for ourselves?

In our complex world, the spirit of time sets the pace in culture and society. How the Zeitgeist directs our collective thinking, acting and feeling is the main component of Kirstine's research. She is always on the lookout for new currents and phenomena that make their way into our everyday lives and carry us with them like a wave. Sometimes you ride the wave, sometimes you swim behind it. However, it is difficult to escape because deeply rooted needs and desires force us to join in.

Zeitgeist is an interdisciplinary topic that moves us all is reflected in Kirstine's colorful customer base. International luxury and consumer goods brands, media companies, trade associations, politicians and church institutions all mingle here. As an honorary lecturer, Kirstine teaches Zeitgeist research at various universities and lectures with the Swiss Free Church and the Austrian Bishops' Conference.

She is the author of the book "Das Buch vom Zeitgeist - und wie er uns vorantreibt" ("The Book of the Zeitgeist - and how it drives us forward") and currently lives with her daughter in her hometown of Hamburg.