Denise Dörfel is research assistant in psychology at the TU Dresden, honorary lecturer at the DRK Bildungswerk Sachsen and freelance trainer of emotional competencies.
Currently, Denise works at the professorships for Differential and Personality Psychology as well as for Industrial and Organizational Psychology at the Technical University of Dresden. Her research includes various strategies for regulating emotions and how they can help deal better with emotional and quantitative (work) stress. In addition, she deals with gender stereotypes regarding showing and suppressing emotions and how they are related to leadership behavior and the selection of executives.
Denise is committed to the Open Science Initiative of the Faculty of Psychology at Technical University Dresden, which motivates her to shape quality and research in a sustainable way. This includes making not only the results of her research accessible to all, but also research data, research materials and preliminary information on planned studies.
Denise studied and did her doctorate at the TU Dresden and also did research at the Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin. She has extensive university teaching experience in various psychological disciplines and has supervised numerous theses.
As a freelance trainer, Denise teaches emotional competence (TEK) not only of future executives. In her lectures she conveys, for example, that body and mind (or heart and mind) cannot be considered separately from each other.