Christian Piechnick is founder and CEO of the startup Wandelbots from Dresden.

Christian and his colleagues want to "democratize" robotics such that it becomes accessible to everybody. Nowadays, robots are only accessible to a small group of experts. As a consequence, only large cooperates doing mass production can utilize this technology.

Christian has the vision to build up a global market leader in one of the largest industrial areas – robotics – in Dresden. As he puts it: "There have not been any major innovations in industrial robotics within the last 25 years. So far, the programming of robots can only be done by high-qualified experts, who are rare. This makes the programming complex and expensive." With Wandelbots, he develops a technology that enables everyone to program robots in short time and with low costs.

Christian studied media informatics at TU Dresden and then started his PhD thesis about  „Role-Based Self-Adaptive Software Architectures“. During this time, he co-founded the international workshop series "Model-Driven Robot Software Engineering" (MORSE) and initiated the Saxonian community "Robots in Saxony" (RoX).

In 2016, Christian was co-founder of the startup Ubiance, which specializes on human-machine interaction models. Eventually, he founded Wandelbots with five collegues in 2017. Just 1,5 years later, Wandelbots has 54 employees, customers in Europe, China and Japan, and has become one of the most successful robotic startups in Europe. Furthermore, Christian is chairman of the advisory board of Smart Systems Hub Dresden within the German Hub Initiative.