Anastasia Umrik is a coach, speaker and writer.

Anastasia, born in 1987, has almost all the characteristics of a person belonging to a fringe group: Female, foreigner, dependent on a wheelchair due to a muscle disease. So strong was her desire to finally arrive, to be less conspicuous and to blend into the crowd rather than be constantly confronted with her own unfulfilled dreams and outward features that, in her young years, she made the firm decision to become like others – at whatever cost. And so she closed the door to her intuition and female wisdom and was very sure: It's easier to live that way.

But the life lived for others does not go well for long.

After the success of the two initiatives "anderStark ‐ Stärke braucht keine Muskeln" and "inkluWAS ‐ design, das denken verändert", with which she discovered her creativity and, with a lot of humor, enlightened society about inclusion, she plunged into a deep hole full of tiredness, lethargy and bad mood. (Some call it burnout.)

Also her body refused to be distracted any longer and rebelled, refused to function ‐ nothing worked anymore. After a near‐death Anastasia was forced to rethink her life and work and to find new ways to live out her own truth, despite everything. She rearranged the priorities for herself, set new ones, and decided, from now on, to pass on to others her experiences and her individual view of the different systems, structures and lifestyles. How? ‐ As a coach for more "Mutanfälle" – not fits of rage but fits of courage ‐ and "Entfaltungsschübe" – continuous relapses of unfolding creativity ‐, as a speaker on stages, where she talks about her life full of detours on mostly bumpy roads and by
pursueing her passion: Writing.

Anastasia's work is rarely about perfection, nor about politically correct sentences but much more about sincerity, authenticity and – most important to her ‐ again and again about pausing and listening to oneself and trying to answer the question: What is it that really matters to me?