Ostap Okhrin is a professor for econometrics and statistics at TU Dresden

Ostap expresses the world in numbers - he is fascinated by statistics and the insights into the world that we can obtain by it. For him, statistics is the true-to-live application of pure mathematics and the means to explain what is happening in the world and sometimes to even predict the future. Exactly when these predictions failed during the financial and economic crisis, Ostap and his team developed at the HU Berlin new models that represent better the behaviour of the financial markets and the consumers.

His current research topics involve among others the prediction of the price development of certain commodities in agriculture, problems in traffic and the assessment of risks caused by e.g. the weather. Hereby, the focus is on the processing of data of moderate and high dimensions of incomplete or rare data sources. However, also statistical methods can also be applied to everyday problems and can lead to surprising outcomes.

Apart from his scientific curiosity, Ostap likes to communicate his knowledge to others, to get them interested in his research and, in the best case, to fascinate them. Being a professor, he does this by supervising and collaborating with his students as well as with young scientists. Apart from that he is giving a lot of talks, not only on symposia but also in front of the general public, like e.g. on the Long Night of Sciences in Dresden.

Since 2015, Ostap is professor for econometrics and statistics at the TU Dresden. Before that, he was junior professor at HU Berlin, being the youngest professor in Germany at the age of 23 at his call in 2008. His precious academic career he did on the fast track: graduating from high school with 16, he finished his Bachelor in mathematics with 20 and his Master with 21. Two years later, at the age of 23, Ostap did his PhD at the Viadrina University at Frankfurt/Oder in economics.