Gerhard Fettweis is the professor for Mobile Communications Systems at TU Dresden, director of the Cluster of Excellence for Advancing Electronics Dresden (cfaed) and coordinator of the 5G Lab.

The focus of his research is the exploration of new mobile communications systems and for this purpose especially the design of transmitting systems as well as their implementation with the help of new digital hardware and electronic systems. The primary goal is to maximize data transmission capacities of mobile networks in order to minimize time lag during data exchange, energy consumption, and costs. With numerous research partners, he is collaboratively developing the new 5G standard that will significantly reduce time lag, thereby enabling the so-called "tactile internet".

Since his research is relevant for a number of applications and technological developments, Gerhard has frequently helped with the founding of new companies, becoming part of over 12 start-ups. He is also the initiator of the HighTech runway incubator that supports start-ups with fundraising as well as building and extending their business.

Gerhard is (honorary) member of numerous academies and committees, among others the National Academy of Science and Engineering (acatech), the Nationale Akademie der Wissenschaften (Leopoldina), and is fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). He received many awards among others the Ring of Honor of the Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies.

Gerhard Fettweis concluded his studies and received his doctorate degree at RWTH Aachen. He considers his subsequent three-year employment in predevelopment at TCSI in Berkeley, California as particularly formative for his diverse activities in the field.