Dajana Mehner is a graphic designer in youth-marketing from Dresden.


Dajana's life was very ordinary in the beginning: born in the watershed year 1990, school education, training for graphic design, Fachabitur, self-employment and finally a job in youth-marketing.

In 2015, however, triggered by personal and professional turbulence, she developed an anxiety disorder. Frequent panic attacks, especially in public spaces, made a normal life impossible for her. After a confrontational and a depth-psychological therapy, Dajana slowly learned to cope with her disease and to accept it. This already relieved the symptoms since the anxiety of anxiety is often an essential part of this disease. With this and other techniques, Dajana fought her way back into daily routines, she could re-enter her job and eventually start university studies. Even though the anxiety returns from time to time, especially because of the increasing responsibilities she accepts, she has found a way to cope with it and can live a normal life again.

Now Dajana engages in helping others who are affected by this disease. She wants to raise public awareness for an emotion, which because of its tabooing and stigmatization often leads unnecessarily to pathological disorders: anxiety. She wants people to talk about their anxieties and understand better the helpful function of anxiety: to warn us of dangerous or abnormal situations and developments. Therefore, Dajana campaigns for this topic via the Female Future Force, she gives talks about it and with her openness and her own experiences, she wants to bolster affected people and sensitize those who are not.

  • Profession: Graphic designer in youth-marketing