Bernhard Pörksen is a professor for Media Science at the University of Tübingen and author.

In his research, Bernhard explores the interplay between media, politics and society. Also, he contributes very actively in the public debate on media and democracy. His main focus lies in the impact of medial outrage and the omnipresent staging of reality, on our society and the way we communicate. Thereby, he sees the digital media in an ambivalent role with a huge potential for the development of modern civilization on the one hand, but also with major risks. Meeting these challenges requires new media competence for everyone of us.

Together with students of the universities of Hamburg and Tübingen, Bernhard published a number of books about media topics. In his book "Die große Gereiztheit" ("The big petulance") Bernhard coins the term "Democracy of outrage" in times of digital media. In his numerous books, newspaper articles and panel discussions, Bernhard demands a reflection on truth, critical thinking and transparency of information. He belongs to the initiators of the European Digital Charter.

Bernhard received his chair for Media Science at the University of Tübingen 2008 and in the same year he was awarded "Professor of the year" in a national competition by the magazine Unicum Beruf. He received his PhD in 1999 for a work on media and language of right-wing extremists. Bernhard studied German philology, journalism and biology in Hamburg.

True listening is a favourite topic of Bernhard. In his TEDx talk from Tübingen abour the two types of listening, you will get a first impression of him and a nice introduction into the topic. Click here for the talk (in German).