Beate Hornemann is head of the Psycho-Oncological Department of the University Hospital Dresden (Universitätsklinikum Dresden).

Beate studied clinical psychology in Leipzig. After completing her education she pursued expertise in Psycho-Oncology, a specialty focusing on the psychological, social and behavioral aspects of cancer. In 2006 she started the Psycho Oncological Department at the University Hospital in Dresden. In addition to her role at the University Hospital, Beate serves as a board member of the AG Psychoonkologie (of the German Cancer Society - DKG e.V.) and speaks regularly at the SLÄK (State Chamber of Physicians of Saxony) and the Academy for Palliative and Hospice-Care Dresden.

Beate and her team offer support to cancer patients and their relatives in order to improve quality of life during and after the treatment, reduce mental stress, and help increase self-control. Their approach focuses on psychological balance for the patient as a means of support in the treatment of the disease.

Empathy plays a great role in connecting with others. However, it can also be misused in order to manipulate and influence decision-making. With years of experience, Beate will share her insights on a sensible usage of empathy.