Andreas Schanzenbach is Chief Innovation Officer & Founder of the innovation agency CROMATICS.

Born in Dresden, Andreas is a true cosmopolitan. He has worked for two years in London and one in Sydney. CROMATICS constantly keeps him on the move and on the look-out for new exciting formats and projects. In cooperation with his team, he is always trying new things, no matter if it is an urban art competition, a pop-up store, new products, art installations or conferences like the 99U Local. He especially enjoys enriching the cultural landscape of his hometown Dresden with progressive formats.

In addition to his primary occupation as the driving force behind CROMATICS, he is also involved in a number of other projects, which have a local and global impact. Andreas is for example partner in different start-up companies, board member of an alternative school in Dresden and mentor of Cherif Aidara Seck in Dakar, Senegal.

Together with in-house sociologist Nora Hilsky, Andreas is continuously researching the newest trends - evaluating them regarding their relevance for society and assessing their implementation for his customers. Creativity and innovation are a fixed cornerstone of the CROMATICS DNA and an inherent part of the daily routine. Therefore, it is even more important to live a conscious culture that promotes and sustains innovation and is able to permanently evolve. For this purpose, CROMATICS has taken on outside help early on and has worked with different coaches. The philosophy and working culture that has grown from these efforts is something that Andreas wants to share with as many people as possible.