Stefan Brunnhuber is an economist, professor of psychology and sustainability as well as chief physician of the Department of Psychiatry at the Diakonia Zschadraß.

Stefan intensively studies the sustainability of our global economic and financial system. According to his analysis, our current financial system serves only a few privileged people while 80% of the global population does not benefit adequately. Stefan proposes to complement our monetary system with a parallel currency which is fair for everyone and finances the transformation to a sustainable economic system.

Stefan combines his economic research with his expertise in psychology. In his book “The Art of Transformation“, he analyzes (social) psychological mechanisms that prevent or promote transformation to a sustainable society – and points out new ways which may really change our society.

In the course of his career, Stefan has been a visiting professor numerous times, published several publications and two textbooks. Among other honors, he is a member of the Club of Rome (Austrian Chapter), Senator of the European Academy of Sciences and one of 15 German members of the World Academy of Sciences.

Stefan attained his doctorate in economic sociology with Sir Ralf Dahrendorf. He studied medicine in Ulm, where he took his doctorate in Psychiatry. Stefan completed his first apprenticeship as a car mechanic.