Saskia Rudolph is a speaker, lecturer and author in the field of applied happiness and well-being science.

Since 2016, she and Andrea Horn are the managing partners of Spiegelneuronen – Angewandte Positive Psychologie GmbH. Together with Andrea and other experts, Saskia teaches interactive, humorous and scientifically-based lectures, workshops, and projects on Positive Psychology, a new scientific field that examines what makes life worth living.

In addition, Saskia works closely with representatives from science, business and politics to shift the focus to solution-oriented, sustainable, and strength-oriented problem-solving processes. She also supports the implementation of local, sustainable, voluntary and socio-economic projects as well as strong cooperation and networks of committed people and companies in Dresden with the association Lassesunstun e.V., which she co-founded.

In 2009, Saskia successfully completed her studies of Intercultural Cultural Studies, Psychology and Law. She moved from Chemnitz to Dresden in 2003, and has largely remained in Dresden ever since.