Myon is a modular humanoid and an opera star.

Together with his four twins, Myon was conceptualized and realized in the Neurorobotics Research Laboratory (NRL) team of Professor Manfred Hild.

With a height of 125 cm Myon does not only resemble a schoolchild, he actually has a similar occupation: Myon has to learn almost everything himself, from walking to communicating, from understanding to teaching. With Myon’s help, Manfred Hild and his team want to better understand what intelligence is and how it emerges.

What is special about Myon is that he can be disassembled and reassembled during runtime. The body parts are fully autonomous in a threefold sense: they all possess their own energy supply, processing power, and a neural network topology which allows for stand-alone operation of single limbs.

Myon’s outer appearance was designed by Frackenpohl-Poulheim and realised by Bayer MaterialScience (see Cooperations page of the NRL). Particular attention was given to make the exterior appearance friendly and approachable, in contrast to other bulky-looking robots.

In 2015, Myon played the leading part in the opera “My Square Lady” at the Komische Oper Berlin. He is still a little bit shy on the stage, so we are not sure if Myon wants to say something, or if he prefers to dance or sing.