Marcella Hansch is an architect and founder of the green non-profit start-up Pacific Garbage Screening e.V.

Pacific Garbage Screening’s concept is a platform, which floats within the garbage patches of the Pacific Ocean in order to collect plastic waste. Through a combination of several different processes, the floating plastic waste is converted into energy and biodegradable plastics. Their approach is especially friendly to marine life. With their green start-up, Marcella and her passionate team of volunteers are now preparing a feasible Pacific Garbage Screening prototype and are collecting research money for it. Another important goal is to raise awareness of the pollution in our oceans.

For her engagement and her innovative project, Marcella won the “25 Women Award – Women, whose inventions change our lives” of the magazine EDITION F in 2017, the German federal award “EcoDesign – young talent” in 2016, and was nominated for the GreenTec Award and the Querdenker (“Lateral Thinkers”) Award in 2014.

As an architect, Marcella is working for the office Carpus + Partner AG in Aachen, after having worked for architectural offices in Vienna and Arnsberg.

Marcella studied architecture at the RWTH in Aachen. Her master’s thesis was about the Pacific Garbage Screening project, and she still receives support from the RWTH Aachen to realize it.