Manfred Hild is Professor of Digital Systems at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, Germany.

Manfred’s main research fields are sensorimotor control, humanoid robotics and the design of distributed systems with a focus on dynamical systems theory and recurrent neural networks.

In his Neurorobotics Research Laboratory, Manfred and his team, which mainly consists of students, have conceptualized and built a number of autonomous robots. Hereby, adaptive and robust behavior is of special interest. How, for example, can a freely moving robot adapt to its environment and interact with it? This problem is a combination of so-called embodiment and situatedness. The latest and most advanced autonomous robot built by Manfred and his team is Myon.

Prior to his professorship in Berlin, Manfred held positions as Visiting Researcher at the SONY Computer Science Laboratory in Paris and as leader of the Neurorobotics Research Laboratory in Berlin. He studied psychology and mathematics at the University of Konstanz where he received his diploma and switched then to computer science where he received his PhD in 2008 at Humboldt University in Berlin.