Khadija Ihsane is a railway construction engineer working in Dresden and originates from Casablanca, Morocco.

After graduating as a general engineer in Morocco, Khadija decided to pursue her higher education in Germany and started a 2-years English Masters program at TU Dresden in 2014. When having difficulties with her job search in 2016, she started to realize that she had been living in a ‘bubble’ of mostly French- and English-speaking friends, without having much of a contact to local people. Being a French native speaker the easiest way for Khadija would have been to go back to Morocco or to France to find a job. Nevertheless, she decided to stay in Germany, to start from the scratch and learn the language.

Since then, getting in touch with local people and working in a German company have improved her quality of life in Germany a lot.

  • Profession: Engineer
  • Vintage: 1992