Alexander Leymann is a theoretical physicist at the Max-Planck-Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems in Dresden and a passionate juggler.

Alex has performed and taught juggling since the age of 14. One of his favorite juggling styles is the classic 3-ball juggling since this allows for an endless number of variations and a dance like levity. He also is an ambitious combat juggler, which is a form of martial art, where the aim is to hit a juggling club out of your opponents pattern while being in control of your own pattern. Furthermore, Alex has attended juggling conventions and organized combat events for many years. These get-togethers are an important part of the juggling scene to exchange tricks and engage in friendly competition.

Being a theoretical physicist with a profound mathematical background, Alex is fascinated how juggling patterns follow a specific mathematical logic. Mathematics not only allows one to understand what is happening within these juggling patterns, but also to derive new patterns. This form of applied mathematics is widely used in the juggling scene and enhances a joyful activity.

As a theoretical physicist Alex is working in the field of semiconductor lasers and non-equilibrium Bose-Einstein condensation. He presented his research at many national and international conferences, workshops and seminars. Alex did his PhD about the theory of many-particle correlations in Magdeburg in 2016, after he finished his study in Physics in Greifswald.

  • Profession: Theoretical Physicist
  • Vintage: 1985