Rick Wolthusen is a final year medical student at Technical University Dresden. During the course of his studies, he traveled to sub-Saharan Africa for clinical internships several times. In order to foster the cultural exchange between Germany and Africa, he and a friend founded the German NGO On The Move e.V. in 2013.

The NGO focuses on volunteer programs, fundraising campaigns for medical institutions and schools, and Brain Awareness activities in African countries and Germany. Using a novel approach, they aim to decrease the stigma of mental illness by educating society about the brain, in keeping it with the motto “The brain is what makes you YOU”. Since On The Move e.V. is committed to sustainability, it collaborates with local institutions and establishes fruitful partnerships between all participants.

As Rick Wolthusen is also very interested in psychiatric research on genetics, brain imaging, schizophrenia, and global mental health, he brings together his own passion for science with the sophisticated programs of his NGO. He has already won several distinguished awards for his NGO work and his research at Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital, MA, USA.