Norbert Rost is the manager of the project “Zukunftsstadt Dresden” and head of the office for post-fossil regional development

Similar to the idea of transition towns, the contest “Zukunftsstadt” (future city) of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research wants to create and foster the vision of a sustainable city. For this purpose, the citizens of Dresden were invited to 24 workshops to discuss and develop the future city they want to live in. Under the slogan “Act local – think global” the topics covered for example energy security, public participation, and cultural openness. Norbert and his team collected and presented these ideas, thereby making it to the second round of the contest.

As head of the office for post-fossil regional development, Norbert and his colleagues support communes and companies in the transformation process towards a post-carbon and renewable society – since the energy transition is not only a technological change but also a cultural one.

Norbert also co-founded the Elbtaler association, which introduced the regional currency Elbtaler to enhance local economic cycles. Hence, the local economy is strengthened whereas economic risks and waste of resources are reduced.

Norbert studied Wirtschaftsinformatik (business and computers) at the TU Dresden. In his diploma thesis, he analyzed systemic risks of the financial system, four years before the global financial crisis broke out in 2008.