Since 2015 Friedemann Brause and Mandy Merker dedicate themselves to the participation of young people in the rural areas of the Saxon Switzerland.

Mandy Merker has long-standing experience as a social pedagogue and process companion, also in the area of outdoor education. Friedmann Brause is a political scientist and was involved in political education for a longer period of time. Both are united by the wish of making the voices of young people heard. “For us, participation means including young people into the planning process from the beginning. We ask young people what they initiate in their homes and how they want to engage themselves.”

However, in order for the participation of young people to work it also needs the openness and courage of the adults, in order for them to adapt to the new approaches and opinions of the young.

The association, Aktion Zivilcourage e.V., works with education and counseling. It commits itself above party lines and in a broad network to strengthen the democratic culture in Saxony, with engagement and expertise. As a platform and a contact point, it supports people in their engagement. The association’s projects are aimed at people in every age group.

Moral courage means standing up when other persons are being threatened, speaking out on injustices, be it among friends or in the tram. In their talk, Mandy Merker and Friedemann Brause present the role of moral courage in social processes. Moral courage is, especially today, an essential factor to make our society more resistant and adaptable.