Advancing a Nexus Approach to the Sustainable Management of Environmental Resource

The United Nations University Institute for Integrated Management of Material Fluxes and of Resources (UNU-FLORES) in Dresden is one of the 13 Institutes of the United Nations University worldwide.

UNU-FLORES was established to help address challenges in the sustainable use and integrated management of environmental resources, particularly water, soil, and waste.

Changes in demographics, urbanization, and climate are significantly impacting the availability and use of environmental resources such as water, soil, and waste. Traditional approaches to resource management ignore or overlook the interconnectedness of environmental resources, treating them in isolation rather than in combination. That is, they ignore how the use of and alterations to one environmental resource impacts others.

In light of the dynamic conditions influencing resource management, sustainable development requires new integrated strategies.

However, the complex relations between demands, resource availability and quality, and financial and physical constraints can only be considered through knowledge-based policies and professional practice. Ensuring human health and well-being and sustainable development for all requires a change in mindset about managing resources – a Nexus Approach.

UNU-FLORES advances a Nexus Approach to the sustainable management of environmental resources, particularly of water, soil, and waste, considering governance aspects and global changes.

UNU FLORES is located in the World Trade Center Dresden.