Fearless Girl is the name of the statue of the girl who was placed opposite the Charging Bull in New York’s Wall Street on March 8, 2017. It symbolizes the insufficient proportion of women in the management levels of the major stock corporations.

In the fearless girl, we see something else: the knowledge, courage and confidence needed to tame the wild bull that symbolizes unbridled capitalism. That capitalism that not only makes people more and more rushed, but above all promotes an economy that destroys our earth more and more.

FEARLESS GIRLS as a project of the MenschBank e.V. promotes especially those women, who stand for a new economy, which is in harmony with man and earth, as well as women, who initiate projects, which have a structural impact on the achievement of the global sustainability goals.

We make them and their good ideas visible, promote their co-creative activities through lively networks with like-minded people and set up a donation platform to collect money for their valuable work. With these funds we want to award scholarships for the common good in order to give the valuable work of the Fearless Girls an economic basis or appreciation.