Here we elaborate on the motto of TEDxDresden 2018 "Listen."

What does "Listen." mean?

This year’s motto is “Listen.”. Proper listening becomes more and more important in a world where attention is often gained by loudness, and credibility by simplification. Listening is more than just hearing someone’s words. It requires letting go of your own point of view for a moment, and getting involved with your counterpart. Listening demands empathizing with each other in order to understand a person and his or her words.

The ability to feel sincere empathy is also strongly linked to a basic understanding and an acceptance of oneself, the own motivation, needs and anxieties. Only if we learn to listen honestly to ourselves, we can approach others openly and tolerantly.

 Active and empathetic listening must be understood and practiced. With "Listen." we want to find out interactively, together with the participants, how this can be achieved.

Was bedeutet Zuhören?
Welche Voraussetzungen sind nötig?
Wie empfinden wir Empathie?