Staatsoperette Dresden

This year's TEDxDresden "Embrace the Future" will take place in the new Staatsoperette Dresden within the Kraftwerk Mitte - the new creative heart of Dresden.


With its predecessors, the Staatsoperette Dresden looks back on more than 240 years of tradition as a musical folk theater in Dresden.

Elaborate and prestigious theater buildings such as the Alberttheater, the Central-Theater, and the Residenztheater have established a tradition in Dresden that continues to this day. At a time, all three operetta houses had regular performances happening.

After the destruction of Dresden in February 1945, the cultural life lay in ruins. But already in the summer of 1945, even though at a different location, the Komödienhaus and the Central-Theater were able to resume their operations.

On October 2, 1947, "The Merry Widow" took possession of her new facility, the Apollo Theater. This date is regarded as the origin of today's Staatsoperette Dresden.

Over 240 years of history

With its predecessors, the Staatsoperette Dresden looks back on a long tradition as a musical folk theater in Dresden.

Where once electricity was produced for Dresden, the audience is now electrified.

The former power station center is the new home of the Dresden Staatsoperette. Where until recently, the historic industrial buildings of the former power plant lay dormant, a unique location for culture, art and creativity emerged. In a large auditorium with 700 seats, the Staatsoperette Dresden welcomes its guests and offers operetta, opera, and musical at the highest level.

The large stage, equipped with a turntable and state-of-the-art technology, makes transformations possible, which will amaze audiences.

Logo Staatsoperette Dresden

Staatsoperette Dresden
Kraftwerk Mitte 1
01067 Dresden

Public transportation

You can reach the Staatsoperette Dresden with the following bus or tram lines (walking distance about 500 m):

  • Schweriner Straße: Bus 94 / train 1 and 2
  • Schwimmhalle Freiberger Platz: train 12
  • Freiberger Straße: train 7, 10 and 12 / S-Bahn
  • Bahnhof Mitte: Bus 94 / train 1, 2, 6 and 10 / S-Bahn

The best parking can be found in the official parking lot "Kraftwerk Mitte."

Enter the following address into your GPS: Löbtauer Str. 21, 01067 Dresden.

Further parking facilities can be found in the World Trade Center's car park on Freiberger Straße as well as in the Parkhaus Mitte.