What does Embracing the Future mean to you? | Interviews with the TEDxTeam 2017

What does "Embrace the Future" mean to you?

Our team shares their thoughts about the motto and their wish for Dresden's future. The clip was the opener for the conference.

What Quantum Computing Isn't | Scott Aaronson | TEDxDresden

What Quantum Computing Isn't

What are quantum computers all about? Scott Aaronson explains their limitations and strengths.

A mechanism that can change the world | Stefan Brunnhuber | TEDxDresden

A mechanism that can change the world

Stefan Brunnhuber explains how an alternative monetary system could end poverty in the world.

Why everybody should play improvisational theatre | Stefan Scherbaum | TEDxDresden

Why everybody should play improvisational theatre

Improvisational theater can help us look more optimistically into the future. Psychology Professor Stefan Scherbaum gives advice.

The Beauty and Mathematics of Juggling | Alexander Leymann | TEDxDresden

The Beauty and Mathematics of Juggling

Skill in juggling is not everything, says Alexander Leymann and introduces us to underlying mathematical patterns.

Teilen 4.0 – Digitalisierung macht Hilfsbereitschaft sichtbar | Johannes Bittner | TEDxDresden

Sharing 4.0 – How technology helps volunteering 

Volunteering is experiencing a digital revolution. Doctor and social entrepreneur Johannes Bittner explains us how to make it a success.

Warum wir die UN brauchen | Patricia Flor | TEDxDresden

Why we need the UN

In a passionate talk, Patricia Flor who is responsible for the United Nations at the Federal Foreign Office, shares her experience with the UN.

Das Gefängnis und die Strafe der Zukunft | Thomas Galli | TEDxDresden

Prison and punishment in the future

Is our concept of punishment still relevant? The lawyer and former prison director Thomas Galli explains his vision of the future.

Pacific Garbage Screening - how architecture could save our oceans | Marcella Hansch | TEDxDresden

Pacific Garbage Screening - How architecture could save our oceans

Excess plastic pollutes our oceans. Architect Marcella Hansch takes responsibility with an ingenious project.

Change your label, it is possible | Khadija Ihsane | TEDxDresden

Change your label – It is possible

Khadija Ihsane tells her story of successful integration as a young Moroccan woman in Dresden.

Building Humanoid Robots | Manfred Hild | TEDxDresden

Building Humanoid Robots

A robot built of autonomous parts and with a great potential - Myon and its creator Professor Manfred Hild from Berlin.

Über den Mut, echte Begegnungen zu wagen | Saskia Rudolph & Andrea Horn | TEDxDresden

Take heart and dare real encounters

Andrea Horn and Saskia Rudolph teach us to get involved in every human encounter.

How skateboarding became my best teacher | Sebastian Linda | TEDxDresden

How skateboarding became my best teacher

Filmmaker Sebastian Linda shows what lessons from skateboard have changed his life.

Der Witz in 100 Jahren | Julius Fischer | TEDxDresden

Humor in 100 years

Author Julius Fischer tells us a story about the evolution of humor. And if he will still have a job in 100 years.

Jazz ist meine Sprache | Ilka Kraske | TEDxDresden

Jazz is my life

Jazz pianist and university professor Ilka Kraske explains the beauty of improvisation in music.