TEDxDresden 2017

Embrace the Future

Conference on August 27, 2017 at Staatsoperette Dresden

We embrace the future!

On the individual level, we are faced with an increasing number of options how to shape our lives.

As a society, we encounter a multipolar, globalized world where interests and privileges need to be shared better.

Technological progress seems to be a promise and a threat at the same time.

At TEDxDresden 2017, 15 speakers and robot Myon presented ways how we can "embrace" the challenges of the future. They inspired you with new technologies and innovative ideas so that you can apply them for yourself and for our society.The floating Trabi on the right-hand side symbolizes our motto "Embrace the Future" and stands for innovation and progress.

Get electrified by Ideas Worth Spreading!

Schwebender Trabi Trabant bei TEDxDresden


Poster Session

Ten local projects and an audio-visual duo present their work

Showtime for inspiring projects from Dresden on the crane foyer in the foyer of the Staatsoperette Dresden. Among them where UNU-FLORES, the Dresden Institute of the United Nations University, as well as the city magazine Stadtluft Dresden.

Audiovisual artists of the Hochschule für bildende Künste (HfbK) Dresden presented with DATATRANSFER an experimental installation. The Theremin, a peculiar electronic instrument of the 20th century, could also be tried out by the participants.

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Last but not least…

We asked our participants "How do you Embrace the Future?" – Read a selection of their answers: