Maps of the foyer


Ground Floor

First Floor

Looking for...?

Do you want more information on something, or are you looking for anything particular? We have compiled the most important pieces of information about everything regarding our conference, see below:
Are you looking for the toilets? You can find them on every floor (see map).

In order to participate in the conference, you have to register. Registration is in the basement (see map). After 15:00, please head to the help desk, in front of the registration.

Need help with anything else? Just come to our helpdesk and we will take care of it! The helpdesk is located on the basement, next to the registration (see map).

Food and drinks will be served during the coffee break (drinks and snacks) as well as during dinner from 19:00 to 20:00. Food will be served in the first floor or outside, depending on the weather (see map).

In case you need to store any jackets, or other items in the wardrobe, you can find one in the basement (see map).

Are you looking for the talks? Don't be ashamed, that's why you came here for in the first place! They are in the Auditiorium, marked on the map!

For our business participants, we have a special business corner! Here you can also find our sponsors, if you want to talk to them. You can find it in the ground floor (see map)..

Do you want to take a picture to remember the conference? At the Photo Corner you'll have a chance to do so with different TEDxDresden motives!!

Are you interested in the story of the TED and TEDx formats, as well as our own TEDxDresden? At the TED(x) Museum, on the first floor, you can get a glimpse on how these came to be! It's location is marked on the map.

Do you want to listen to inspiring pitches by our changemakers, poster-people and partner companies? Come to the Second Stage in the breaks (see map)!

We know you, our participants, are a creative lot! How about expressing some of your creative energy during the conference, and sharing it with other participants? Come visit the Creative area in the ground floor (see map)!

Still need help?

Do you still have a question, doubt, or anything else on your mind?

Don't panic! Come visit us at our Helpdesk in the basement (-1), and we will do our best to help with anything we can! You can also try dropping us a line at