Last but not least …

... we want to thank everybody who has made TEDxDresden 2017 possible.

Thanks to all contributors on stage, the second stage and in the foyer, who shared their inspiring ideas with us and our community. Furthermore, we are grateful for all partners and sponsors for their professional and financial support, which gave us the opportunity to realise this innovative format in Dresden.

A special thanks goes to the Staatsoperette Dresden for giving us the opportunity to use their facilities to such a large extent and furthermore for assisting us in attracting attention for our conference. We thank all journalists for their outstanding reporting about our TEDx event. Heartfelt thanks go to all volunteers and team members for their voluntary effort and seemingly endless energy.

Finally, we want to thank all participants for their interest and their willingness to actively take part in our event.

TEDxDresden is only possible through your support and volunteering – motivated by the common goal of serving our community. If you think supporting our event is a great idea, contact us at

If you want to join the team for TEDxDresden 2018 to gain experience with event management, meet inspiring people, or simply have a lot of fun, write us a message to

Have a look at the pictures of the event. The videos will follow soon.